The Unmarked Witch (Unmarked, #1) – Miranda Lyn [ARC Review]

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



A land where witches wear their spells like tattoos is no place for a woman without a single magical mark—except for Raven, whose unblemished skin contradicts the truth of her power. Surviving under the scowls of her fellow witches has carved indelible scars into her mind over the years—just as the day she watched the Dark King’s men murder her grandmother in cold blood.

But the Dark King’s reign of terror is far-reaching, and Raven’s grandmother won’t be the last witch to die under his rule. After the death of a coven leader heralds the start of the infamous Witch Trials, Raven finds herself dodging death to triumph. The journey quickly descends into perils far greater than she’d ever imagined, including a war on her heart from a man she’d only ever known as a villain.

Still, trust is always fragile in kingdoms ruled by magic, especially when love enters the fold. Yet, something else is awry in the land of spells and shadows and Raven must decide whether she trusts her gut or her heart.

The Unmarked Witch is the first gripping book in the seductive and intriguing duology, Unmarked.


Huge thank you to Miranda Lyn for sharing this e-arc with me. The following review reflects my honest reading experience. 

I am honored to be a part of Miranda’s street team for The Unmarked Witch! It has been so much fun to be a part of this incredible group of book witches!! FOREST COVEN FOREVER! 

The Unmarked Witch follows Raven Moonstone, a witch competing to become the leader of her coven. This story had everything . . . strong women, friendship, romance, magic, and lots of action. Plus all the twists and a cliffhanger ending!! I loved this book!!

The magic system in The Unmarked Witch was so cool and unique! I found it totally fascinating! In this world, the witches wear their magic on their skin as markings. Each marking represents a different spell. There is no limit to the types of magic too! For example, there’s spells for unlocking doors, slicing, familiars, fire, and so much more. Raven is different though because she has spells, but no markings. This makes her a bit of an outcast, but she owns it and is so fierce!

The Trials were my favorite part of The Unmarked Witch. I had no idea what to expect from the tasks and I was blown away. They were so intense and exciting! Each Trial tested the witches in a different way. This was such a great way to explore the world, different covens, and magic system. I loved traveling to each of the covens!! Shout out to Forest Coven because WOW. As soon as I read the description of Forest Coven I fell in love. I think it was meant to be that Miranda placed me in Forest Coven for the street team. Forest Coven sounded perfect for me!  

Another thing I really loved was the relationships between characters in The Unmarked Witch. Especially Raven and Kirsi’s friendship. The bond these two have was so beautiful and I loved how they support each other through it all. Both women are strong, fierce, independent, and so loving towards one another. Raven and Kirsi are friendship goals!! I also could not get enough of Raven’s relationships with the Dark King and Grey. There was so much banter!!! I loved it!! Plus the romance was totally swoon-worthy. It’s definitely a slow burn/enemies to lovers situation which is my favorite! I’m also a sucker for the whole discovering your archenemy isn’t what they seem. Miranda writes these tropes so well!

I could not get enough of The Unmarked Witch! This book was fast paced and kept me engaged throughout the whole thing! It was such a page turner and I couldn’t put it down! The ending was full of twists and has a pretty major cliffhanger. I need book two in my life asap. It’s going to be a long wait!

If you like fantasy, witchy vibes, unique magic systems, and well crafted characters, then I highly recommend you check out The Unmarked Witch.

The Unmarked Witch is set to be released September 20th, 2022. 

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