The Molten Key (The Molten Key, #1) – T.L. Wilson [ARC Review]

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫


Prepare for war, The Molten are coming.

Only one thing matters to Adelia Larson and that’s family.

So when her father goes missing and the only clue left behind is a mysterious iron key, she must delve into his past and uncover his secrets in order to find him. Except she’s not the only one searching for him. The Faerie Guard’s goal is to stop a war that’s brewing in Faerie and to do that, they need her dad. Apparently, he’s a wanted fugitive with a stolen artifact needed to save Faerie from a war. When Adelia and the Guards meet, Adelia makes the decision to keep the key hidden and force the Faerie Guard to help her find her dad. Her choice is made increasingly hard when one of the guards has an irritating smirk that she finds more endearing than she should.

As Adelia gets closer to the truth, her conviction wavers. She can surrender the key and save Faerie or she can save the one person she loves most in this world.

It’s the life of one she loves versus a thousand strangers.


Huge thank you to Book of Matches Media and T.L. Wilson for sharing this awesome e-arc with me! The following review reflects my honest reading experience.

The Molten Key is a brilliant debut novel from author T.L. Wilson! I was immediately captivated by the lead character, Adelia, and her love for all things birdwatching! Adelia’s life is turned upside down when her father goes missing and she discovers the magical world of Faerie. Adelia teams up with a group of Fae warriors to find her father and save Faerie.

T.L. Wilson did a fantastic job with world-building. Faerie is divided into courts, each centering around a specific element. The Fae in each court have the powers of that element. I got major Avatar: The Last Airbender vibes and I absolutely loved it! (Maewyn actually reminded me of Toph, but with ice powers instead of earth-bending.) In The Molten Key we get to explore the Wind Court and the Molten Court. I am actually obsessed with the Wind Court. It sounds beautiful! I definitely want to visit!

The plot of The Molten Court is super intriguing! It was fast-paced, exciting, and full of action. There’s magic, epic battles, exciting twists, and a bit of romance. I will say that the big twist is fairly predictable. However, I didn’t really mind it. The author definitely laid the breadcrumbs throughout the story, so it was fun to pick up the clues and guess what the reveal would be.

I loved all the different characters in The Molten Key. They make such a great team. Found family is one of my favorite tropes . . .

“The six of them formed a tight circle. The Prince, the birdwatcher, the leader, the muscle, the optimist, and the flirt. Six Fae from completely different upbringings, different courts, different worlds even. But together, they were one. They were halves of a whole.”

Maewyn and Rory are definitely two of my favorites. The story is mainly told from Adelia’s perspective, but there are a few other points of view mixed in. I actually wish that there was more of these chapters. The other POVs didn’t get introduced until the second half of the story. It would have added so much more to the story and its development if these had been included earlier. I think this is especially true for the romance between Adelia and Ash. I liked the chemistry between the two, but the actual romance felt a little too insta-lovey for me. They didn’t really have many big moments and suddenly they’re totally falling for each other. I’d have just liked some more development between the two.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Molten Key. It was exciting and magical! Plus it ends with a big cliffhanger that has me super excited for book two!

“The storm wasn’t over. she was the storm and she was just getting started.”

The Molten Key is set to be released on October 3rd, 2022.

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